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Tue. Apr 7th 2020
We are so honored to once again have Dr. Lavelle as our Medical Director.
Sun. Apr 5th 2020
Chief: Joe Eagan, Asst.Chief: John Thomson, Capt: Linda Brannon, Lt.: Tina Budnick, Lt.: Jess Brady, Lt.: Melanie Garthwaite
Sun. Apr 5th 2020
Pres: Deb Rue, VP: Trish Brannon, Sect: AJ Sullivan, Treas: Deb Brannon
Sat. Jan 19th 2019
Chief - Joe Eagan, IV Asst. Chief - John Thomson Captain - Tommy Ferrence Lt's - Tina Budnick & Linda Brannon Pres - Debra A. Rue V.P. - Patricia Brannon Secretary - Angelica...
Wed. May 3rd 2017
Chief: Tom NolanAsst. Chief: Yvette ZambranoCaptain: Kathy NunlistLt: Brandon MitchellLt: Samantha Nunlist
About Us


A house collapsed in Goshen and a township resident was injured. A man was crushed in the collapse and the nearest ambulance was located in Woodbine. By the time this ambulance arrived at the scene, the man was dead.

This incident gave Middle Township resident, Walt Oliver, the idea to begin a corps dedicated to safeguarding residents of the township in times of emergency. Walt got a group of guys together and they gave birth to the MIDDLE TOWNSHIP AMBULANCE CORPS. The Corps was incorporated on June 13,1958 and began operations on July 1.

During the first year, the 22 men comprising the Corps membership responded to 154 calls, covering 5,377 miles, and requiring 351 man-hours. They started out with a 1949 model ambulance which was replaced in 1959 by a 1955 Cadillac. Today the Corps has three well equipped ambulances and a donated police vehicle. There are now over 50 guys and gals ready to respond to the needs of township residents on an around the clock volunteer basis.

For the first couple of years, meetings were held in the old court house. In 1960 a parcel of land on the comer of Route 9 and Bennett Road was acquired and a new headquarters building was constructed. This building served the Corps well until around 1990 when it was decided that a larger building was needed. In 1991 this larger, three bay building was dedicated on October 13.

It is interesting to note that in 1961 the Township Committee proclaimed the month of August Middle Township Ambulance Corps month. In those early years, funds were raised through annual campaigns which included block parties and other fun-filled activities that served the dual purpose of raising funds and providing entertainment for township residents

Over the past 50 years, the men and women of the Corps have been providing emergency medical services for Middle Township residents on an around the clock schedule, seven days a week. They participate in the Christmas, Halloween, and Memorial Day parades along with providing emergency services at football games, soccer games and various community functions. They provide blood pressure screenings and ambulance familiarization sessions for elementary and high school students. They have dedicated annual graduation awards for high school students who plan to enter some medical field of study. They do all this as volunteers in addition to holding regular jobs. Fund raising for these activities consists of coin drops, occasional bake sales, and an annual fund raising letter to Middle Township property owners. The responses to these fund raising activities are most appreciated.

The Corps has had 19 presidents from Walt Oliver to its current President Kathaleen M. Nunlist and 31 Chiefs from Robert Kindle to its current Chief Faith B. Lancaster.

Congratulations on over 50 years of Volunteer Service to our Community

Arthur Cornell   -  Past President / Life Member / EMT

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